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I need a recipe suggestion

Hello all,

I tried to make NB’s semi-sweet artisinal mead kit, and have so far had fairly disappointing results. I’m hoping someone has a great mead recipe that they’d like to share with me.

Things I’m looking for:
(0) 5-gallon batch (or 3, I guess, but my equipment is all for 5 gallons, and I’m willing to commit to 5, if it’s going to be good)
(1) Either sweet or semi-sweet. I want to be able to drink this as a beverage (meaning, several glasses during a night, so it can’t be super-sweet), but I definitely don’t want anything too dry, either. I like honey, and I want some sweetness to come through.
(2) Just a regular ol’ mead. I’m interested in making an orange-y mead, but I’d like to make a successful batch of regular mead before I start trying other stuff.
(3) Can it be ready to drink (and good) in 3-6 months? My current batch is going on a year, and still isn’t that great. I know mead takes a while, but I’m thirsty now, and I’m used to brewing beer, which is usually ready after 1-3 months.
(4) Not ridiculously complicated. I normally brew beer, so I’m fairly competent when it comes to brewing, but when it comes to meads and ciders, my technique has been limited to adding ingredients to a bucket and stirring in the yeast, racking to a carboy after some time, and letting it sit for a few months. I’ve got a bunch of equipment, and I’m fine with learning some new tricks, but I’m not going to split batches halfway through, or strain through a cheesecloth, or anything like that.

Man, that makes me seem picky. All I want is an easy recipe that’s good, and if possible, done quickly.

“Mead” and “quickly” just don’t go together. I figure a year is minimum when it comes to meads, and longer is better. That said, check out, and particularly the “newby” guide: ... &Itemid=14

or you can just skip to recipes. There is even a 3 week one listed, but I’ll admit to being doubtful: ... Itemid=459

Do a search for “Joe’s Ancient Orange” - super easy to make, citrus is in season now, too. IME, cut the spices in half or even leave them out entirely. Keep fermentation temps down and it’ll be ready to drink in your time frame.

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