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I’m a little rusty. A Gravity/bottling question

It has been a few years since I brewed and decided to brew a batch the other day.

Well when you are out of the game for a while you mess up.

First I used a well stored grain mix that I do not recall exactly what was in it (I used it for a beer I often made so often I cannot find an exact recipe…who would need that right? got it right up here :oops: ). I know it was mainly a aromatic/victory blend with some dextrin. about 2.5-3 pounds.

I did a partial mash.

Mistake I lost the OG measurement I took.

So now I am guessing at final.

6.6 pound X light LME
1 pound X light DME
2.5 pounds of mashed mystery grain.

I am using white lab cal ale yeast AA 76.5%

Best guess OG 1.055-1.060

it has been in the secondary for 12 days and still seems some what fizzy (25days total).

I am getting a SG 1.016

Am I good to bottle?

I think it should be FG 1.014

But I do not want grenades


I’m definitely no expert but I would think you’d be ok to bottle if your readings have stopped dropping. I’d take another reading tomorrow and the next day- if the gravity remains the same, you’re good to bottle.

A lot of stress can be avoided if you leave your beers on the yeast cake until final gravity is reached. Then transfer to a clearing vessel if you need to. I have found my beers will clear just as well in the primary with an extra week or two.

You didn’t mention your fermentation temperature, so I’ll assume it was mid 60s. If that’s the case, try raising the temperature a few degrees.

If you have to move the fermenter to find that warmer temperature you’ll probably rouse the yeast a little, which should give it a chance to encounter more sugars and ferment them. If you don’t have to move the fermenter, swirl it gently to rouse the yeast - try not to splash the surface.

You might get a little more fermentation. I’d err on the side of waiting too long to avoid bottle bombs. Speaking from experience (and two sutures in the back of my arm): They can injure you as well as making a mess!

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