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I love kegging

Just did my first quick carb…a week ago…rolled keg around at room temp/30psi for five minutes…stuck freezer for two days…hooked up co2 at 20 psi for 3 days…pulled a gunky pint…lowered to 10 psi and poured a very nice american wheat. Half gp and half wheat with equal additions of mandarina bavaria at 60-30-10-5-0…next one might get more hops at 5 and 0…no need for no stupid orange garnish.

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sounds nice! Pictures??


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:dizzy_face: Don’t wanna see!! Sneezles61

Fine…not tonight…whiner.


:relieved: Sneezles61

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If you can wait, you will get a nicer head using “set it and forget it”. Just put it in the fridge and set the regulator at about 12lbs for two weeks. I have done the quick method like you did many times because I wanted my draft NOW. Had varying results.

The tough part with set it and forget it is you really need almost an entire second draft set up minus the tap.

The other option is priming the keg. Again there I get varying results. I have one that should be ready to tap today so we will see how it worked this time.

No doubt kegging is the way to go. At first I decided to bottle some. Now I bottle about zero.

Nice looking beer cheers

Usually i set and forget…just wanted to try zee quick carb…and it worked great. I doubt i will do much bottling anymore.

I went to kegging, threw out all of my bottles. Discovered that taking beer to the cabin, ice fishing, etc. wasn’t practical. I now brew 10 gallon batches, half into the keg, half into bottles. Now reading posts on bottling from the Keg.

Oh yes… Now fer a taste…:open_mouth: Sneezles61

Keeping my bottles, just not recruiting others to give me their empties anymore. I do want the de labeled empties back from brews I give out.
I think I have enough bottles now to brew for the Zombie Apocalypse.

I plan to keg the vast majority of my beers, and have growlers on hand for time spent away from my kegs…

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It feels weird recycling bottles again. I can’t wait to have the storage back, though. So I can use the shelf space for keg toys…

I will say, all the bits and pieces are nuts! Lube, extra of rings, tools to dismantle posts and taps, line cleaning pumps, replacement dip tubes… Nicole and diming me to ramen for lunch.

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