I like gingers

I’ve enjoyed a few gingers lately, a ginger IPA and a ginger wheat to be specific. Anyone have tips on brewing with ginger.

The only thing I have to contribute is that I have had a “Montana mule” mixed drink that has ginger in it…very interesting ingredient :slight_smile:

Many years ago I brewed Charlie P’s Goat Scrotum Ale. Ginger was one of the things I wrote ‘omit’ in my brewing notes.

Could have been the combination of ginger, coffee, chocolate, molasses etc. In the recipe I added freshly grated ginger at 5 mins.

It can be pretty potent, so maybe add an ounce or two at the end of the boil, then add more after primary or at kegging.

You do know they have no soul?

Coffee and chocolate yes, molasses and ginger yes but all four together not so much. I don’t know about soul but they are hot and spicy.

It’s true…gingers have no souls.

I brewed a Thai Wit with Ginger, cilantro, lemongrass, red pepper, a touch of curry paste, and a tiny amount of fish sauce (can’t even tell it’s there I was so scared of it, thankfully so). The Ginger is the strongest flavor in the bier but it is very nice, quite unique.

I’m wondering how much and when to add it. In an IPA I’m thinking in a secondary. In a wheat I think the boil.

My experience with adding ginger dates back from my 2nd batch ever. Started with NB’s extract wheat kit, added honey, juice and zest of 2 lemons, and 8oz. of shredded ginger root, all late boil. Carbonated the thing with maple syrup(remember I was in my ‘let’s see what this will do phase’).
Not much of a beer, but it was a fine stomach tonic. And yes, the ginger came through wicked strong.
Adding it late boil was fine, but I’d definitely use less.

I don’t like ginger that much. I was thinking no more than an ounce. I was also thinking maybe ginger tea instead of fresh. I’m looking for subtle taste not overcrowding. I made a witt that I really am enjoying in which I use 3/8 oz chamomile tea I’m thinking substitute the ginger tea.

You could always try the infusing ginger root in vodka route and then finetune how much you add at packaging time. Or perhaps the ginger tea route might work as well. Post what you wind up doing and let us know how it works out.

Well I’m sitting here watching my mash for my rye IPA think I’m going to add 1/2 oz of ginger tea at 10 min. Hope its good. I’ll let you know in a couple