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I know......patience

I kegged my dead ringer on Saturday am, sitting at 38 deg with the gas at about 9 psi now. I figured in a week or 10 days it should be ok to start on it. I am dying to try it but being my first keg and first all grain batch I am a little nervous.

When the kegged it I was concerned because it was dry hopped that some " stuff" will certainly end up in the keg. Will most all the particles settle and stay at the bottom of the keg of is it all coming out into my first half dozen pours?

As far as carbing, there is a brulosophy technique called burst carbing… Look at that… stuff settles and thats were the dip tube pulls… the bottom… You can always joke around with your non brewer friends and tell them… its the bottom of the barrel stuff… Sneezles61

The first couple of pints tend to be cloudy with stuff. Hopefully, you dont suck up chunks that clog the works up (Im dealing with that now). The beauty of kegging is that you can always pull a two ounce sample to check on carbonation and taste.

If you have nothing else to drink pull a sample. Not going to hurt anything just won’t be at its peak.

If it does clog up and you have ball locks you can put the gas on the liquid outlet and blow it clean. This may have happened to me.

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Thanks for the tips! I guess it’s better to get any trub out and end up with a cleaner keg in the end. I will wait a few more days and give it a taste. I give the keg a little rocking once in a while to try to help it along. I’m not in a huge hurry but would be nice to have it drinkable by the weekend.

The gas and liquid QDs aren’t exactly the same size so there is a chance you can damage it by using on the wrong post. I have mistakenly swapped them without a problem but I would worry about repeated use. It would be better to put the black QD on your CO2 hose even though it’s more work.

BTW I have done the same thing to blow a muslin hop bag out of the dip tube.

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Typically I dump the first pint I pull out of a fresh keg and that’s enough to get most of the sediment out. I bag my hops in a muslin bag and never get many particles in my beer after the first pour. I leave the dry hops in the keg for the duration of the keg. Don’t be surprised if you have a mostly flat beer when you pull your first pint. In my experience that is not enough time to carb at serving pressure. I’d bump it up to 10-15 while you wait.


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