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I dont want to lose the best beer I have brewed!

So, I have this beer in 1 liter swing-tops that is by far the best beer I have ever brewed. It’s in the style of a belgian tripel and I had the wonderful opportunity to let it rest in a oak barrel that was used for rye whiskey and then maple syrup. This beer tastes amazing. The problem is that it foams astronomically when opened. I have opened two bottles so far and I must have lost half the bottle. The beer was at 10% for FG but I think it might still be working.

I want to keep this beer and would really like to avoid a massive bottle bomb experience. Thoughts? Advice? Prayers?

Much thanks in advance!

If it tastes good, sounds like it is either over carbinated or it hadn’t finished fermenting. I personally have had 3-4 wk fermentations, especially Belgians, before they have finished. When you have consistant hydrometer readings after a couple of days that doesn’t change, is a good indicator the beer is done. I would say airlock activity should be stone dead before doing hydro tests.

If its in swing tops you should be all set. Pop the top, then immediately reseal.
Do that a couple times over several mins and you shouldn’t lose any.

I agree with Kgetch. I have recapped and had good success.

Another suggestion, pop them open inside a pitcher.
Once its done foaming, remove and pour, zero loss. :cheers:

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