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I can't stand Waiting for Bottle Conditioning to be Complete

I couldn’t help myself as it was my first beer and tried one at ten days and barely any carbonation and bleck would be the correct description! I figured this would be the result but knew that if i did it, i would be able to wait more patiently.

Is that that Irish Stout?
Maybe the style?

I often start right in on a freshly bottled IPA. As in yea, I bottled this yesterday.
I used to swear that right before it got carbed was when it tasted best to me.
Amazing hop flavor.

No shame in sampling your wares at any stage in the game. :wink:


I’ll be that guy… Kegging costs a mint, but man it’s nice to have perfect carbonation in 5 days… I like what bottle conditioning offers for certin beers, but waiting the three weeks for every batch got old.

Yeah it’s the NB dry irish stout kit.

Oh trust me duckman, as soon as i can, i’m kegging.

+1 on kegging.
It is absolutely heavenly to have the NB Dry Irish Stout on a stout faucet served with N2/CO2 75/25. Pour yourself a pint right after work.
I did bottle 2 of the NB Dry Irish one in a clear bottle and one in an amber bottle. I used the clear bottle to see how much of the yeast settled down. It seemed like it took forever but i think around week 2 it had some carbonation, but i knew that it could be conditioned longer. My second bottle is still in my beer vault and it has been about 3 months. Also i don’t know about you but all of my NB AG kit’s bottle conditioning time takes at least 3-4 weeks. I remember my first couple of extract kits took only 1 week and it was fully carbed. Weird. Perhaps making more beer would make the time go by faster :smiley:

Ive been putting mine in the cabinet above the microwave which is above the stove.
Seems like its always 75-80° up in there. Full carb in 2 weeks lately.

It’s possible to get full bottle-carbonation in a week with anything up to about 1.070: add 1-2 grams of re-hydrated dry yeast, S-04 or S-05, at bottling time and then keep it at 75-80F.

I buy those little packets of Cooper’s dry yeast for use in bottle conditioning. They’re 7g I believe. I’ve had bottled beer fail to carbonate in the past, so it’s nice to have a little insurance.

Why wouldn’t you just pull a little bit of yeast in from your fermenter? …asks the newb

Sure you could do that,
Search krausening,
You pull a calculated amount of fermenting beer,
You get your sugar, and yeast that way.

I usually store my beer at 33 degrees in a secondary fermenter for a while before bottling to clarify and condition it, and often use gelatin, so there’s not much yeast going into the beer at bottling time. Re-yeasting the beer for bottle conditioning gives predictable results and I like that.

Waiting is difficult. Lately, it seems that my beers (partial mash with some straight extract batches) want to wait almost 2 months for the best taste, though carbed within a week or two.

It’s even harder when you are a new brewer (like me) and none of your beer is ready to drink yet. It’s all sitting there messing with my mind.

[quote=“mppatriots”]It’s even harder when you are a new brewer (like me) and none of your beer is ready to drink yet. It’s all sitting there messing with my mind.[/quote]I remember those days … I fixed it by brewing like crazy as often as I could. The beer is SO much better when you wait for 4-6 weeks.

Yes, +1. I brewed like crazy so that I could forget about all of those bottle-conditioning beers that I was waiting to carb up. I quickly got to the point that Muller just made… 4-6 weeks was my preference because the beer was so much smoother, well-balanced and clear at that point. But those 4-6 weeks are very long. I know that some people get a kegging setup and hit it with gas and rock the keg (quick method) and others hit the keg with 10psi for a week (slower method) and I go in the middle… about 25psi for about 48 hours gives me the perfect carb for my tastebuds. That 48 hours is much easier to handle than 4-6 weeks! Cheers Beerheads.

[quote=“mppatriots”]Why wouldn’t you just pull a little bit of yeast in from your fermenter? …asks the newb[/quote]You can, but that yeast is likely tired and while it’ll carb the beer it’s not going to be as vigorous as the fresh yeast.

I wouldnt consider it a mint. Find some deal and you can get into kegging for under 100 bucks.
Used stuff from lhbs is usually around 150 to 200.

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