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I am curious about finings

I don’t usually use any. I keg and seem to have good clear beer after the first pint or so.
Some others that keg mention using gelatin. I wonder if I am missing something.
How is it done? I don’t enter competitions. Should I be using them?

If you are happy with your product, and don’t get any ‘cloudy beer’ complaints that you can’t ignore, then why bother?
If you do get cloudy beer, then chilling and gelatin can help. It seems to me that it gets used more in bottling than kegging.

Finings can help a hard-to-clarify beer get crystal clear, but if your processes are under control, you really don’t need finings. I’ll use them regularly on wines, but haven’t felt the need with beer for a number of years now.

Started using Irish moss recently. Purely aesthetic, but kind of fun seeing how clear a home brew can be

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