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Hydrometer Troubles

Hey new brewer here with my 5th batch 2 days in primary. I tried the triple decoction method maybe just to say I did but at the very least to get better efficiency. Well after all the time and effort with the mash and boil I dropped my hydrometer and broke it before I took a reading…smh. I drew out a sample and dropped it in a sanitized mason jar and stuck it in the fridge in the hopes to test OG when I get a new hydrometer. My work schedule is nuts so it may be a couple weeks before I have opportunity to get another one so my question is how long will the wort last or rather will the OG reading be valid in 2 weeks. I want to say the sugars wouldn’t break down much at all but what do I know.

Curious if anyone would have first hand experience with something like this.

McGuiver it

Wort is an unstable item. Like hamburger, chicken, milk…

It will spoil in the fridge. You could try freezing it and then thaw it out when you get your new hydrometer. Many people freeze extra wort for use as starters.

It seems that you are asking how long the wort will give you and accurate reading, not how long the wort will last in the fridge in order to add it to your fermenter. So the answer to the question I think you’re asking is: many days, maybe a week or more. AFAIK there isn’t anything like a “breakdown in sugars” on refrigerated wort. You just need to bring it up to 68 or so and then measure it with your new hydro.

Now once you measure it, don’t add it to your fermenter unless you boil it. I’d probably just toss it, especially if its been more than a week, but I’d boil it again even if it were only a day.

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