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Hydrometer samples have bubbles in the meniscus

Hi everyone,

I calibrated my hydrometer with distilled water at 60*F when I first got it. It’s pretty much spot on and easy to read with plain water. I read mine at the bottom of the meniscus. However, every time I pull a sample of wort to take a reading for OG, there are tons of tiny little bubbles in the meniscus and it blocks my sight of the hydrometer, so I can’t get an exact reading where I’m supposed to. These bubbles are only in the meniscus. Not floating around anywhere else.

I’ve tried spinning the hydrometer like people say, but it makes no difference - the tiny bubbles remain in the meniscus.

I’ve tried pulling my hydro samples before and after aerating the wort, but no difference - still have the bubbles.

I’ve also tried letting my hydro sample sit for a couple hours before taking the reading - still had little bubbles.

Anyone else experience this and know what’s causing it? I feel like it’s preventing me from getting an accurate reading.


My method for dealing with this might be a little wasteful and crude but i just fill my test jar till it slightly overflows and no more bubbles :slight_smile:

Geeze, man, estimate it. :shock: The bubbles only obscure .001.


Thanks, Matt. I’ll try that next time. It is a little wasteful, but hey, if it helps I’ll try it.

StormyBrew - I have been estimating it. I guess I’m just overly meticulous with this stuff :wink:

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