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Hydrometer reading's?

I know this is a stupid question. But last night I put some water into my hydrometer test jar an test it which reads at 1.000 ok so I check the temp of the water I was testing which read 68f my hydrometer is calibrated to 60f so I put the 1.000 into a temp correction an it told me the OG of the water was 1.001. So my question is can a person see the 0.001 different without the temperature correction?

Nope. I actually use a hydrometer that has a thermometer and a correction factor built in that has a +/- scale. Do you think you could reliably tell the difference between 1.011 and 1.010?

And, there are no dumb questions.


I use a finishing hydrometer for FG. The hash marks are further apart than a standard hydrometer where the SG scale is from 0.001 to 1.160. It is still hard to see that .001 difference. Main reason I take SG readings at least 5 days apart. Easier to see a change when it might be .002 or no change at all.


I have no idea how to use it. I’ve tried with my first 2 brews but to no avail. I guess I’ve gotta YouTube it.

Do you have a test jar? Pour the sample in the jar, spin the hydrometer to rid it of any bubbles, and see what it says. The sample needs to be flat with no carbonation as that will throw off samples. Most hydrometers are calibrated at 60° so a correction may be needed.

I’m mostly confused by the 3 sets of numbers. It looks like I could be reading 3 different meters. It’s definitely not labeled the best.

You want to focus on the set showing .990 to 1.100.

Hey Loopie, what ifn he’s in europe? I believe that brix is how they fly over there… Before you use it, do git a magnifying glass and look at all the writing on it. You will find Brix, alcohol potential, specific gravity. Typically, we use specific gravity around here, yes, every once in a while, there will be turnip in the mix… You’ll see that using a multiplier of 4, when looking at brix, will git you very close to SG… Sneezles61

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