Hydrometer Reading

Is it possible to cause your hydrometer to give inaccurate readings by using it at higher temperatures? I am not asking about adjusting, I know that needs to be done. I used my hydrometer to take my final running and pre boil gravity. Now after 9 days of healty fermentation I am getting some high gravity readings

Have you checked it with distilled water? Even with tap water it should be close to 1.000. If it’s off there then maybe the paper tube got jostled somehow, or maybe even a crack somewhere?

Using you hydrometer on high temp wort won’t damage it, or cause it to read incorrectly. Bouncing it off the bottom of an empty testing jar when you put it in, can cause the piece of paper to slip.

Huh, I never thought about the paper slipping before. Just another reason to be delicate with the hydro.

I’ve been using a hydro that reads 1.004 in tap. After applying some clear nail polish, it reads 1.001. I make it a habit to always check the hydro in tap water before reading a sample.

One question though, at higher temps say 140*F, will the reading be off by more/less or is it still off by 1.001?