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Hurricane Michael

I believe Voodoo Donut is in that area… If so, I hope he and his family are in a safe place… And any others that we get talk with are safe too! Sneezles61
No, he’s on the other side of Florida… Still, hope for peeps to be safe and sought shelter…


I agree. Too anyone in that area hope you and your loved ones are safe!


Hope he is save. Just been watching it on the dutch news channel

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All is good here, thanks for the concern!! Only some “feeder bands” and a tornado watch for our area…I feel really bad for the people in the Big Bend/ panhandle/south Georgia, they got the real deal.


Glad your ok voodoo was getting little concerned about ya.


We aren’t down there yet but our area got nothing. After Irma I can feel for the folks up in the panhandle. We didn’t get hurt too bad with Irma but there is a ton of stress not knowing when you aren’t there.

I hope all of the damage can be cleaned up faster than Irma was and there are no more deaths or injuries.

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The pictures I see on the tube are horrific… I can’t imagine what it would have looked like without all this technology giving us an advance warning… Sneezles61

Horrific is right.
The last two years we had storms that knocked trees down and power was out for up to 11 days, but really we were just inconvenienced…nothing like what those poor people are going through, I mean I honestly never thought there was real risk of losing our lives or I would have high- tailed it out of the area with my family. Now I say that, but that is the same gamble that some of these victims took, “it won’t be as bad as they’re forecasting”.

Yeah, rough times for those folks. Wish people wouldn’t gamble with their lives like that. You can always rebuild your house or possessions , but not your family.

Some people lost everything I’m sure. Flood insurance is astronomical so they are stuck. Many people after Irma ended up living in tents or in their car if they were lucky enough to still have a car.

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