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Hullwrecker grain mill question?

Hello I have a couple of questions about my first experience milling my grain’s Yes I notice when I went to use a electric drill to mill my grain’s that the drive that turns the mill to grind the malt won’t hardly move so I had to use the Hand crank to mill my grain’s I do have my mill set to 0.025(for BIAB) an I confirm that with a fleer gauge so I hopping there nothing wrong with my new grain mill?

Does the drill turn it without grain in the mill? Can you turn the mill empty with your fingers? If it turns easily empty it’s likely not the mill.

I use a cordless set to drive screws and always start my mill turning before I add the grain to it. I notice it slows down but only stops if the battery is getting weak.


Some cordless drills are just not powerful enough to drive the mill. Really depends on your drill. I use an electric drill just for that reason.

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I read a post a while ago, some clown tried using a ceiling fan motor… Rilly? Sneezles61

Well, gearing and all…

My batteries die when running at such low speeds. I just bought a pulley and salvaged an electric motor so I can finally set my mill up on a platform and not have to charge my 20v batteries so often when milling. 20v Dewault 1.5 amp and 3 amp batteries and I have to charge them both half way through a 15lb mill session running as slow as I can.

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I use a 1/2" corded Makita hammer drill on my JSP mill. It will just about break your wrist before it quits. I tried a battery operated and had the same results others have had. It would slow or stop especially when the battery started running down.

I agree with @WMNoob try running it empty to make sure something isn’t binding without grain.

Corded is the way to go for sure. I have looked at some things on the net where users are taking small kids car motors and adapting them. Rather than the large pulley and belts.

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Make sure you guard the rotating parts. We don’t want anybody to be known as Ol’ Three Finger Pete!

Yep. That’s why I got an electric corded drill to run mine. I like your electric motor idea! @mullerbrau had one he built like that.

If you BIAB you can just let the drill and mill rip at any speed. Keeping hulls partially intact isn’t as important when you have a good bag for filtering.

Intersting. I just got a new biab from the brew bag guys that is 400 microns for recirculating my mash. Seems like alot of trub in the first batch I made using this. I also had a bunch of pumpkin in the boil too though so that’s probably it

ya think?

I made this same before before but I bagged the pumpkin and didnt have it in there

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Same here my bat drill. Not strong enough

I saw at No Cal brew supplies, they have an electric motor with a gear reduced gizmo designed to motorized your mill… I just haven’t gotten one yet. Sneezles61

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Getting a little off topic but is it possible you could re-purpose a washing machine motor to power a mill?

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I think that’s what @mullerbrau used but his website is no longer on line.

Yeh you could use that, brew your own has an article on building a setup and mentions washer motors

Do think so

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