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Hulls in Bulk?

Anyone know where to score a huge amount of rice, oat, or barley hulls? I’ve recently started using them with my lautering, and my efficiency is off the charts. Any info would be appreciated!


50# for $40 from NB. Your LHBS should be able to get them also.

Yeah, but with shipping its like 55 bucks. Too much for something I’ve heard you can pick up for $25 at farmer coop stores. I just cant find em here in Council Bluffs, IA. I thought someone might have a tip.

Now, a little more info in your original post would have been helpful. :wink:

How big of a truck do you have? $70/ton if you want to drive 525 miles one way. ... mpanyno=65 ... aspx?cid=6

You could try calling them and seeing if they know a place local to purchase some. Or, call your County Extension Office and see if they can help.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely do that.

Why do you think rice hulls are improving your efficiency? It won’t change the amount of water bound to the grain.

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