Huge trub... day one of fermentation

I don’t know what all this sediment is from, but I’m guessing there were small hole in my grain bag or my hops were just really dirty… either way is this going to negatively impact my beer? I’ve got what looks like will be about four fingers of trub once it all settles (most of it relatively suspended right now). What the hell is going on?

could just be a lot of protein break - pics, recipe with ingredients and your process (do you rack into the fermenter, do you pour, how do you chill?) will all help us determine a little better why its more apparent than usual.

Can’t really do a pic right now, but I can do my process: partial mash with 2 1/2 lbs. specialty grains in 2 gallons water: protein rest @ 130F for 30 mins., raised to 150 for 20 mins., raised to 158-160 for 10 mins. Sparged with 1/2 gallon

Added 8 lbs. light DME and boiled for 60 mins. (this is where I think it went wrong because my stove doesn’t get hot enough in our new apt. and the boil while present was a good one)

Various hop additions from 60, 45, 20, 10, 5.

Usually I crash chill inside with it inside the boil kettle, but I didn’t have my hop sacks so there were hops just hanging out in the wort. I strained them out dumping the wort into a bucket over a strainer. Then I put the bucket in an ice bath (can’t afford any real chilling equipment right now) and that took about half an hour to get it down.

I poured the wort into my carboy that had been sitting outside all night with two gallons of clean pre-boiled water (approx. 45F) dropping the temp to 70F and pitched my 007 yeast. I whirlpooled and bunged the carboy and stuck it in my closet with a blowoff tube.