How will i know if the beer in my primary is bad?

i’m not saying that it is but i opened it up to take a second gravity reading yesterday and its right where it’s supposed to be. i spilled a little water from the airlock into the primary. a few days ago. is there a way of telling you have bad beer? i just dont want to waste the time waiting then bottling it if its junk. its a belgian white. thanks

How does it taste?

I really doubt spilling a bit of airlock water into your beer will cause you any problems.

Do a google image search for “infected beer.”

In the future, put star-san or vodka in your airlock in case of accidents. For now, RDWHAHB. Beer that’s done fermenting is pretty resilient. You’ll be fine.

On all he said…your beer will be fine!

thanks guys. just checked on it today. looks fine, smells fine.