How well does yeast survive pressurization?

I harvested a yeastcake of WL001 and stored it in the fridge in a sanitized 2L plastic Rootbeer bottle. When I wanted to rinse the cake and use it, I loosened the lid and it had become highly pressurized (quite a bit more than soft drinks). I released the gas slowly over the course of the day, as the yeastcake foamed up and I had to let it abate before I could let more CO2 out. I rinsed the yeast and repitched it, and it took about 36 hours to kick off. I was wondering whether anyone’s ever studied the effect of keeping yeast under high pressures.

I’m sure it’s been studied, and as far as I know yeast die at high pressure.
It’s a problem with breweries when pressure in the bottom of conical fermentors is high due to the huge amount of beer on top.