How to save or keep yeast for next brew

I want to make a starer and then save some of it for next brew, then make another starter and save some and so on.

Is this possible and how will I store it, in freezer or fridge, or is it a bad idea? :roll:

Go to FAQ section for info on saving yeast. You can save yeast from a starter also. Part of the saved yeast will need to stepped up with another starter to get to the number of yeasts cells for pitching. These links will give you more infarmation. ... ted-41768/

Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for, I’ve heard about washing the yeast before but didn’t know how to.

The other page Yeastcalc was really good reading on starters and also on how to feed and take care of your yest, very helpful, Thank you.

More videos/info for ya!

I just take some yeast from the bottom of the primary fermenter and put it in a gallon Ziploc bag and toss it in the fridge. It is good that way for at least 3 weeks to pitch as is or make a starter if it is longer than 3 weeks.

I’ve just been planning better and trying to rack the beer from primary on brew day so I can just pitch the wort on part of the yeastcake.

First post and first yeast rinsing. Used the homebrew method and it went well. Harvested a Wyeast 1056. Looking forward to using the saved yeast on my next brew.

I’ve been searching the web and came up with following:

First i make a “double” starter for 2 liter 1,045 OG( I only need 1.07 liter according to BeerSmith) This is what i done this evening.

Second i will use half of that to pitch my Sierra Nevada Clone.

Third i will make a new starter of the other half. Wash it and when that is done i can split that cake into four sanitized 50ml test tubes.

Next time i only will have to make a double starter and, pitch half and split other half into new test tubes.

In this way I will have healthy yeast without trub or hop residue in.

Reason for taking car of yeast - Price - in Sweden for Wyeast 1056 cost 13,50 USD.

About BeerSmith Yeast starter calculation.

It says how many liter i need for my batch, and i have corrected all information on mfg date etc.

But when it say you need 1,07 liter - What OG is that starter suppose to be i did mine 1,045.

Is that enough?

And if it i need 1 liter 1,060 for example. Is there some easy way to calculate how much DME to use?

By the way to all of you who replied - Thank you