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How to sanitize cocao nibs before adding

I’ve got a packet of cocao nibs to add to my secondary of a milk stout.
Sure I can sanitize the packet and scissors and do it that way.

Would there be any benefit to sanitizing the nibs in vodka? Or another spirit.
Will I gain anything this way? Flavors, alcohol content?
Doesn’t seem like I would unless I added a lot of vodka.

Then, would the yeast try and digest some of the sugars in the alcohol? Would that start a weird fermentation I don’t want?

Every time I make a chocolate stout, I soak my nibs in vodka for 2 weeks. I start soaking them on brew day, and I leave them set until after primary fermentation is complete. Then I dump the whole thing in the fermenter and allow to just sit there for another week or 2.

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So is there benefit to the vodka? Does it just help to sanitize and then also extract flavors? Basically a cocao extract?
Also, recipe says last two weeks of secondary before bottling.
Is there harm if threat of off flavors if I do it all 4 weeks of secondary?

The only time I used cacao nibs I just dumped them straight into the secondary. Don’t remember having any issues and my notes agree with that. It was the NB milk stout kit. Looks like it was 2 weeks in secondary before bottling. The only thing that did happen was I spilled the nibs and was left with only 2.7 oz of the 4 oz that it called for.

IMO I don’t worry much about adding things at the secondary stage. I certainly don’t sanitize hop packages and anything used to cut them open when I dry hop. I didn’t sanitize the cacao nibs package either. I’m not saying you can just not care about being sanitary but it’s different than pitching yeast into wort. There is now alcohol, the yeast has taken over and a lower pH.

You sure have come a long way since you started, keep up the output! Sneezles61

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