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How to "pitch" Windsor Yeast

Doing my second brew tonight, and just wanted to know the proper way to pitch Windsor Yeast. I only have the basics. Thanks in advance!

I just sprinkle it over the pre-aerated wort. I don’t stir, just let it sit and hydrate on top of the foam in the wort.

You can also hydrate it first, justy don’t let it sit in the water more than 15min.

Thanks, I didn’t know if I had to hydrate it or not. My first extract kit was from True Brew, and I simply had to sprinkle it over the top. Just wasn’t sure what the preferred method was…

I used Windsor yeast yesterday…Go to the Lallemand website, there is a great a very good discussion on how to hydrate your yeast properly. I use the few easy steps for all dry yeast batches-regardless of the supplier. I usually start the hydration after cooling the wort but before transfer to the fermenter. This allows everything to start settle out of the wort while you are hydrating the yeast. Total time for hydration is about 30 minutes.

My yeast was bumping the air lock in 2 hours and fully going after 4.

That said, I have just sprinkled on top of the wort in the fermenter, and everything came out fine. It just takes longer for the yeast to kick in.

I would suggest that you sanitize everything that you use if you hydrate the yeast to make sure you don’t introduce any bugs.

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