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How to not clog when racking

I just did a IIPA with dry hopping 3oz total one of which was whole leaf cascade.
Are there any tricks to avoid getting the racking tube/cane completely clogged up when transferring to my bottling bucket?
Is there any real benefit to using whole leaf hops vs pellets in the aroma of said dry hopped beers?
I ended up with probably a little under a half gallon I couldn’t get out of secondary because of the plant matter just clogging up my siphon.

I usually use pellet hops in hop bags for dry hopping, but I have sanitized and tied a small hop bag over the end of the racking cane to filter out fruit debris-it works quite well. I have a raspberry porter and had problems the first time I made it with the siphon clogging. The hop bag worked really well.


I love using whole hops for dry hopping and have never had any clogging issues. Do you have a plastic cap at the entry point of your racking cane or auto siphon?

Something like this?

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