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How to mount CO2 distributor to roof of chest freezer?

I have a 6 line CO2 distributer from NB in a chest freezer without a wooden crown. Just using foam free picnic tap style from norther brewer.

i would like to mount the distributer to the roof of the chest freezer. it appears to be a thin piece of plastic covering some kind of foam insulation inside.

has anyone else done this and can recommend a good way to mount this or is this a bad idea? It seems to make sense as it lifts the lines as you open the chest freezer making things easier to unhook and swap around.

I figured just plain screws might not be very secure and the distributor has a bit of weight to it.


I would use a couple of these and pre drill the holes for them … ogId=10053

I’ve used these: along with zipties to get mine installed temporarily until I came up with a better solution. I haven’t had any problems with it so my temporary solution has been pretty permanent

I just leave my 6-way distributor loose and lay it on the top of the back kegs.

Those cable tie mounts look perfect. I just picked some up. Thanks!

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