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How to manage Hops at 0 mins


I have a concern about adding hops at 0 mins … if I add hops at 0 mins and then pretty much immediately cool that wort and transfer to a fermenter … what’s the point ? I’m not sure when I add hops at the end of the boil If I then leave for a short while or not before transferring to the fermenter

Any advice ???



The point is at 0 minutes they are whirlpool additions. Actually you should wait until the wort is about 180° before adding them. Whitlpooling hops are aroma hops


As @brew_cat says the reason for these short times is that the oils for aroma are very volatile and denature quickly.

At 180 degrees, do you shut off the water and just keep the whirlpool going at that temp, and if so, how long? Twenty minutes? Or do you just keep cooling the wort?

Depends how fast your chilling. I slow it down to keep it between 180 and 160 for about 15 minutes or so.


Thanks :pray: all very helpful indeed !!

Flame out (FO) hops as mentioned are more for aroma like dry hopping. Since they’re not boiled there will be minimal bittering from them but they certainly aren’t a waste. Typically used in high aroma beers like IPAs.

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