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How to get Oxyclean residue off bottles

So I soaked a case of bottles in oxyclean to remove the labels. The drain plug wasn’t properly seated in the drain and it drained and the oxclean dried on some bottles. I have re-soaked them in hot oxyclean solution and rinsed each of them out 4 or five times but they still have some residue on them. Is there an easy way to get it off? I imagine if there is some on the outside, there is certainly some on the inside. Thanks.

It happened to me before when I mixed it too strong. The only way I could get it all off was to bottle brush each one and then dry them off with a towel after the final rinse. I had 220 to do so I put the bottle brush in a cordless drill.

A low-pH solution will usually work for me - StarSan or even just a little white vinegar in water.

Hot water and a dish scrubber, and dry right away

What I like to do is fill each bottle with tap water and then put them in an Oxy clean like solution.

I never let the outside cleaning solution get inside the bottles. Only above the label.

I prefer bottles without a neck label. Easier and less solution used.

I use a dedicated Homer bucket and can do 6-8 at a time.

It only takes one day for the labels to fall off.

+1 to a little vinegar to remove beer stone (carbonate residue, that ais what Oxyclean can leave behind). Then a good rinse.

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