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How to fix batch after high temp fermentation

I bought the Dead Ringer kit from NB and I have a temperature controller with a fridge. I set it on Friday and when I came back from out of town on Sunday the temp controller was off and the temperature of my beer was 82 degrees. I quickly reset it and got the temp back down to 68 degrees but the fermentation looks like it is done. Is there a good way to fix any off flavors or just give it extra time in the primary fermenter? Any advice is welcome.
Thanks, Jon

I don’t think there is any way to fix fusel alcohols from a overly warm fermentation. The flavor could be masked, but the fusels will still be there to wreck your head with a terrible headache.

Let it sit for a week then check the SG and taste. It is possible the fermentation was not to warm from the beginning and your beer will be okay.

Let us know how it tastes in a week.

Let it sit for a total of 3 weeks and bottle. Drink it and enjoy then get back in the saddle and brew it again and keep it under control. Keep us posted

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