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How to convert all grain to extract?

When I look at all grain recipes, how do I convert them to extract?
I haven’t made the leap over yet, and I doubt I will for a while, so I’m curious how I go about doing that… any thoughts or links I should check out?

It really depends on the recipe, but a general rule of thumb is to replace all the base malt in a recipe with light extract. Keep the specialty grains the same, and steep them in your brewing water as in the kit instructions.

However, some grains have to be mashed and you can’t really replace with extract. For example, oats in an oatmeal stout. But for most beers with some amount of specialty grains, it’ll get you pretty close.

Do you have a recipe in mind?

BeerSmith2 can convert it for you. There’s probably some free online recipe builder that does as well.

Look at beertoad. Me getting ready to brew my own extract beer recipy. Put some. Idea on paper some calculation. And check and change. With beer toad

The math for converting the base malts is not complex. There are a couple of concepts to learn, including potential SG, PPG, and gravity points, which are also good to know when you brew all-grain. Understanding diastatic power is important to knowing what to mash, what it may need to mash with, and what to steep.

[Zymurgy’s 2016 Best Beers in America Results](http://Zymurgy’s 2016 Best Beers in America Results) (Zymurgy’s 2016 Best Beers in America Results) has some clone recipes - and provides both the all grain and extract versions.

Palmer’s online edition of How To Brew ( probably has a section on recipe conversion as well.

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