How to Categorize My Brew?

Hi all,

I’m brewing a beer that I’d like to enter into a competition but need to make sure I enter into the correct category. I’ve made that mistake before. I’m making a Pumpernickel Rye Ale, with about 25% rye malts (including chocolate rye). I also used .5 lbs chocolate malt, so it’s dark and has some roastiness. I’m also adding caraway seeds to hopefully give it the pumpernickel flavor. I can post the complete recipe if needed. Would this fit into the Wheat and Rye Ale category? Or because of some of my ingredients would I call it Specialty? Or something else? Thanks for your help. Happy Brewing!


Specialty Beer.

The others in wheat/rye are more defined styles and don’t include specialty ingredients such as your seeds.

Good luck in the comp!

Thanks, Pietro. That’s what I’ll do. I kinda figured but just not sure. If it does well, I can report it back here. If not, then we’ll just assume it was the unofficial Best in Show and leave it at that.

Fermentation started off with a huge blow-off, which hasn’t happened to me in a while. So, we’re off to a good start!!


I would call it 21A Spice Beer.

I’m not BJCP certified like Pietro or Dave, but I wouldn’t call it anything until its ready. If you get a lot of spice then it might be more appropriate for 21A. If not then a specialty beer.

I concur with Dave:

Spice 21A.

I had a Northern English Brown that I added some flavors (spices) to and I entered it as a 21A.

Seems the most appropriate.

Good Luck!