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How to calculate IBUs

I’m making my double IPA today and I’m having trouble finding a program that accounts for late additions of LME. Since the sugars effect hop utilization pretty severely at the levels that I’ll be adding them I need a sense of control. I realize that IBUs are only a very rough guess, but it’s better than nothing. Anyone know of a program better suited for this process? I usually use Beer Calculus, but it’s no good right now.

You could run it a couple times and then combine the results. First, do just the bittering hops with the lower gravity and get the IBUs (the late addition will have a negligible impact on the bittering charge). Then do the late additions only, but with the higher gravity, and get the IBUs. Now add the two numbers.

Yeah just did that before I came back and checked here. Sometimes, I swear, this place is a handicap and I have to run every little problem by you guys instead of solving it myself.



When you add the ingredients, under the name of the ingredient, click the little arrow. It will expand and give you a checkbox for late addition.

Make sure you have your boil volumes right etc…

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