How to brew alcoholic root beer

Hay everyone new to using forms but I have been seeing a lot of hard root beer and thought it would be cool to make myself does anyone know how to make and what the ingredients are

Go to your local HBS, get some Sprecher Root Beer Extract. Read and follow label directions. Then get some 100 proof vodka. Mix it in to suit your taste. Force carbonate, and voila!

I gat a batch going at the wife’s request. Should be ready in another month or so. That’s a beer, with some root beer flavor, but adding alcohol to soda seems far easier.

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Be careful, seems that the root beer flavor will be a permanent guest in yer tubing, kegs, and all it touches except yer glass…. I’ve had a cream ale that was kegged by accident into a root beer keg and thought that was a great ! Sneezles61

Thanks jack probably would of never found that extract kit looks like it would be good will definitely have to try let me know how yours turns out

Check out the ingredients for root beer soda and add the spices to a brown ale recipe.