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How to brew 4th edition

Anyone revisit the new edition of how to brew? This was my first book I read before jumping in. I don’t think it would be anything new to me but I just wonder what was updated.

At 600 pages, the best reviews of it should be out in a month or two :slight_smile: .

I rarely buy edition updates for books, but I’m willing to spend $15 after reading this overview ( How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time – Brewers Publications ) for a good summer time read.

I plan to buy it. Brewing beer at the home brew scale has caused a lot of rethinking.


It’s pretty much a new and different book. Lots more info in it I’ve got a copy on the way.

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I am reading a copy now. I did not have the previous version so I can’t judge. It has a ton of info is all I can say. Lots of technical stuff on water quality / qualities. Looks like it covers just about everything I would want to know. And then some.

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You can compare chapters to the old edition that is online for some extra reading. Some of the information in the old edition is the reason I never bought it.

The online version is the first edition. This is the 4th…big difference.

True, but until 2001 and a visit to a new optometrist I couldn’t read too well. Didn’t buy any books. I should probably pickup the latest edition of “Joy of Home Brewing” also.

Congrats on your vision!

How in the H,E, double tooth picks did you see to measure small quantities? Sneezles61

It was only reading that was the problem. 15 minutes at a time before getting blurry.

WHEW!.. You’re a good man… We need you to be here, replying… You don’t have your PC hooked up to a big flat screen? Yet?.. I would, but haven’t a clue how to… :disappointed: Sneezles61

Received my 4th edition yesterday. Holy crap! It’s an entirely new and different book. If you have one of the old editions, use it to start fires and get this one!


Ordered one yesterday picking it up today. Can’t wait to read it. At first I thought it was a minor update looks like people are in agreement that it’s full of fresh information.

John put a huge amount of effort into it, which is why it’s WAAAYYY past deadline!

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I just skimmed the book. Wow I love the layout and updated sections and information. Now if my kids take a nap today I can really dive in.

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Can I be the 1st to make the pledge to not be “that guy” who answers every forum question with “See Palmer How To Brew, 4th edition, pages xx-yy” :slight_smile: ?


Even old Relics can be brought back to life! Sneezles61

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There is a good Beersmith podcast with Palmer on everything that is new.

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