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How to begin

I recently received my wine making kit from Northern Brewer and am short of supplies to begin my first batch of wine . I also received no instructions and would like to know if I could have some help getting started from someone with experience.

Are you looking for help with starting a mead from your own recipe or from a kit? What kind of mead are you interested in making?

Check your local library for brewing books.

Go ahead, begin with mead…that’s exactly what I did. I will do a wine in the fall. I just stirred 9 lbs of orange blossom honey into water bringing it up to 3 gallon mark on the bucket. Yeast, 3 tsp of yeast nutrient, and it was glugging away in no time. Original gravity was 1.114, now at 1.010 and in 3 gallon secondary. If you like, make 5 gallons. Or, use three 1 gallon apple juice glass jugs as secondary fermenters and add a different fruit to each of those when you rack to secondary. You would need 3 airlocks of course.
Speaking of doing a wine in the fall, it’s because I don’t want my juice sitting on a hot UPS truck for 3 days. My guess is that would be detrimental, but does anyone disagree based on experience?


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