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How to add late LME addition

I have a question about the correct method for adding a late addition of LME to the boil pot. In the past I have removed the pot from the flame, stired in the LME, returned to the flame and finished the boil. My concern is that it takes 5 minutes or more to boil again after stirring in the LME. This would appear to me to have an effect on the hop schedule. Should I just add time to the boil for the bittering addition, and not add a 10 minute flavor addition until I am back to a boil? Pre boiling the LME in another pot on the stove and adding it to the brew pot would keep the boil rolling but I’m sure risk hot side aeration wouldn’t it?

No it wouldn’t risk hot side aeration, just pour smoothly and quietly. Boiling wort has no gases in it.

The alternative of adding prior to the late additions is an attractive alternative if you don’t want to bother with the second pot.

When I add a late addition, I stop my timer and restart when the boil begins again. I don’t think a few additonal minutes of boiling will impact things much.

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