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How Soon Can I Move This Lager?

I’ve got a lager in my kegerator - fermentation was awesome. It appears to be done after 10 days. While I intend on keeping it in the bucket for 3 weeks before I bottle it, can I move it out of my kegerator into a room that is 60 degrees for the remaining 11 days without any ill effects?

I just want to drink my beers at a colder temp, and I’m down to a tripel, a brown, and weizenbock in bottles - I need to clear some kegs and two of them are kind of low.

I wouldn’t hesitate to move it to a warmer area. I do this with my lagers with great success. Once I see the rate of fermentation slowing down, I will warm it from around 50F up to as much as 65F. It seems to help keep the yeast active on the tail end of fermentation and will help clean up any intermediate stuff like diacetyl that much more quickly.

Gonna go move it now! Thanks!

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