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How screwed am I?

Well messed up and forgot to bypass my water softener and im already 45 minutes into the boil on my dark mild. I adjusted my mash ph, hit my volume on the head and my mash temp. So I went from “hell yeah” to “hell no” so how screwed do you think I am? Just looking for someone else thats done something like this? I have really hard water thats the reason for the softner. I want to add our water doesnt taste salty also the salt level almost 0 because we keep forgeting to buy salt so who knows. I guess im just looking for someone to say its going to be ok. Lol

Without knowing exactly what the issues are with the water, I’d say things might very well be OK.

You say you adjusted your PH, so that is a start.

What’s the deal on Chorine? If that is not an issue, even closer to OK.

At this point don’t worry about it. Probably won’t be as big of a disaster as you imagine.

Though I have had a few batches where I misjudged my water and thing did not turn out great. Beer was still drinkable. And in those cases I think my PH was actually a factor, so…

Good luck Sir :cheers:

Heres my water profile viewtopic.php?f=5&t=119477

Oy vey. :shock:

I think you’re fine. Yeah, the softener will add some Na, but you won’t taste it. I brewed dark beers with my house water before I had it tested or knew much about water chemistry. Mostly because I had learned that my house water made crappy light colored beers. Turns out my Na came in at a hefty 252ppm and HCO at 393, so I think you’re good.

Just a update pulled a sample surprisingly it tasted like beer :slight_smile: I’ve brewed this beer quite a few times So im happy that it just might be ok after all. Cheers

Oh yeah brewed again today and guess what I remembered to shut the softener off.

What did you brew? Light or dark beer? Did you mash the dark, roasted grains? If so, all may not be lost.

What did you brew? Light or dark beer? Did you mash the dark, roasted grains? If so, all may not be lost.[/quote]
A dark mild it was like the tenth time ive brewed it. Yes I did mash the grains.

I don’t know much about water softeners, so I don’t really know what to make of your water report on your unsoftened water.

Any clue what your water looks like when softened? What kind of salts did you have to add in order to get the ph where it needed to be?

No I dont know. I used phosphoric acid.

Its cold, carbonated and in my glass looks like I’m not going to have any problems drinking this keg :slight_smile:

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