how often should airlock bubble

First time brewer first time question. First day of fermenting airlock bubbling like crazy. Day 3 still getting burps of air but only two or three times a minute. Is this normal for it to slow down burping that fast? I added yeast when wort was at 70 degrees and keep it in a controlled temp room at around 70 degrees. What should I expect throughout fermentation and when should i be worried that my beloved brew may have failed? At what point should i stop fermentation and move on to secondary fermentation?

It’s normal. The airlock can indicate that fermentation is slowing down, but don’t use it to determine if it’s finished, especially if you’re using a bucket. A gravity test is the truest way to tell if fermentation is done. If you can’t test the gravity, wait three weeks before bottling.

70*F is warm for fermentation. The beer will be warmer than ambient due to heat generated by feeding yeast. Try to keep beer temp in the low 60’s.