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How NOT to bottle condition!

I usually bottle condition for a minimum of 3 weeks before tasting. I keep the bottles enclosed in plastic stackable boxes.
I recently had to move some things around, and ended up putting one of those boxes on top of a dorm fridge.

The beers did not settle - they are super cloudy and smell strongly of yeast. The ones that were not on top of the fridge are OK.

I figure it was the vibrations from the fridge motor, keeping the beer in a state of agitation. I moved them and hope they will finish conditioning.

What’s your question? If you place them in the fridge, it should settle out. If you have the ability to keg, you can force carbonate, and then bottle from the keg. I have really good results doing this.

Plus I know my fridge gives off a bit of heat on top.

I hope there wasnt too much heat coming off the frig. I know hot temps can drastically speed up oxidation

No question, just telling an unforseen result from where I placed the bottles.

No detectable heat up there.

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