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How much $ will it set me back to switch from extract to AG?

I have double everything ie 2 glass carboys, 2 bottling buckets, 2 fermenters etc. I’m tired of extract and i wanna start AG brewing. whats the start up cost?

If you have a brew pot big enough, just the price of a mesh bag will get you into Brew in a Bag all grain. Maybe 10 - 12 dollars. You can steep your grains in the bag, in your kettle. Or maybe buy a $35 10 gallon Igloo cooler to steep your grain bag in so you don’t have to adjust the heat.

If you want to steep more traditionally, you can buy a 10 gallon mash tun ready to go for maybe $120, or make your own a lot cheaper. Other than that, something to stir mash (maybe a big spoon). That’s bare bones, the rest of what you might use is for convenience.

Sounds like all you need is a mash tun and false bottom and brew pot…get yourself a cooler,ball valve,weldless cooler conversion kit,kettle screen or water supply braid and a 10 gallon kettle and you are set…all in all you are looking at a $150-200 investment

Rectangular cooler are less expensive per qt then round ones. Bare minimum needed is 36qt (48 is better). You may need to go to 56qts before you find a drain in them. Maybe the manufactures don’t want us using them???

~$30 for a cooler
~$20-30 for the drain. Less if you use Denny’s set up.

I have seen some youtube video’s of a guy that pushed a hose into the drain of the cooler. attaching a SS water braid to the inside. No valves. Just keeping the hose above the water lever inside the cooler.

Are you doing full boils? 8 gallon pot. Immersion cooler. Though you can put a lid on the pot and allow it to chill on it’s own.

It could take $0, or you could spend $100 plus.

Speaking of Mash Tuns…

I recently bought this 70 qt Coleman Xtreme cooler… … er/4807332

And Bazooka Screen: … UTF8&psc=1

Total cost for both ~$50 + shipping.

I have a traditional round cooler with stainless steel false bottom and I find the Coleman Xtreme much easier to work with. The Bazooks screen also does a much better job of filtering without stuck spurges or having to recirculate a dozen times.

That sums it up accurately. It depends on how “pimped out” you want the system to be, and how many of the components you can assemble or make yourself. I stopped factoring the cost of my setup into my brewing expenses after just a year…the system had already paid for itself by then based on the significantly reduced cost of fermentables alone. Buy ingredients in bulk and repitch your yeast, and compared to extract brewing the savings will be formidable.

FWIW, not being much of ‘gear slut’, I put my current all-grain system together around 27 years or so ago for under $200…that included a 3000W electric keggle, round-cooler mash tun, wort chiller, a few flasks and other miscellany for a yeast ranch (which is entirely optional…and I dare say less of a necessity than it was back then) and an assortment of hoses & quick-disconnects to make life a little easier. I have used the same system ever since, replacing only the mash tun just last year (for anothder $30).

I’ll be the first to admit that the system is not pretty…it’s downright fugly. But it has made me some pretty fine brew for two and a half decades.
If I hit the lottery, I’d buy a Sabco system…but in the meantime, I’m pretty happy with my ghetto setup.

My mash tun set up is almost exactly as Denny describes here: . As the site says, cheap and easy.

My burner and boil pot came from a turkey fryer kit sold at Lowes. The pot is aluminum but there’s nothing wrong with that if you use it properly (let it build up an oxide layer, and don’t scrub it off).

You’ll also want some sort of wort chiller if you don’t already have one. Unfortunately copper has gone up quite a bit since back when I got mine, so this will set you back some.

This setup has served me well for a number of years now, and for pretty short money.

I got my all grain setup

for less than $10.

I’m on a stovetop so I need to go partial boil if I want to make a full 5 gallons, and switch to partial mash if I want that 5 gallons to have an OG much over 1.040, so at some point I’ll probably be looking to upgrade to a Cadillac setup like the Dennybrew. But for now it does the trick quite nicely.

I am a huge fan of BIAB, and do it on every brew I do below 1.065 (larger ABV beers get a little tricky and you seem to lose efficiency).

This guy will stitch one for you based on your kettle measurements for around $35 shipped. He’s also great about answering questions on the process. IMO its a great way to turn grain into beer. People literally do not believe the efficiency you can get on it (I’ve gotten just north of 92% on a 1.050 kolsch).

The main expense is going to be your kettle. You need a 10G minimum to do 5G batches. Check restaurant supply stores, I think I got my trusty 10G for around $30. It is very handy to buy a weldless valve fitting for it, but not critical.

And it is worth it BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING ELSE to have a reliable thermometer. Not a floaty, not a lab thermometer, but one of these.

These are also INVALUABLE for cooking/smoking/grilling.

My experience with thermometers: you can spend $90-100 over a few years on numerous thermometers, and wind up with a drawer full of junk, 3 undercooked briskets, 1 ‘Christmas Vacation’ overcooked turkey, and a few dextrinous batches of beer, or you can buy a thermapen now and save yourself the trouble.

Pull the trigger!

[quote=“Boston Brewin”]I’m tired of extract and i wanna start AG brewing. whats the start up cost?[/quote]How big is your kettle?

Like Nate42 said, READ! Everything beyond that is just bells and whistles.

When I switched over to AG it only cost me $70, $40 for a corona grain mill (yea I over paid for it) and $30 for a cooler and tubing and steel braid. I already had the turkey fryer layin around that I decided to use for my boil kettle. Since then my wife had bought me a JSP roller mill and a bigger burned after my old one rusted out.

Well, i have a 5 gal kettle that i have no probplem upgrading to a 10g one. i have an Bayou outdoor burner that i bought a few weeks ago. i also have an igloo extreme cooler that i never use. maybe i could rig that up for sparging?

Yep. See

thanks Den

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