How much PBW?

One of those days. Search has me chasing my tail, so here’s the easy question of the day

How much pbw in 5 gallons of water (ferm bucket) to clean the bucket, two bottling hoses, auto siphon, airlock, and the bottling wand?

Had a sample pack and the instructions were easy…now the 1 lb jar is making me scratch my head.

Thanks in advance folks.

Three to four tablespoons should do the job. Using to much PBW can sometimes leave a hard to rinse film on equipment.

That’s what I’m afraid of (too much). Instructions talk about brew kettles and lauter tuns as well as food items, but it calls for 2-4 oz. per gallon. At that rate, my 1 lb jar will be gone in two cleanings. Seems a bit ex$se$$ive.

I use one tablespoon in two and half gallons of water, for cleaning the krausen ring inside a carboy. I go light because I don’t mind a little brushing, versus extra heavy rinsing of cleaner residue.

Do you soak hoses as well?

Do you soak hoses as well?[/quote]
I will soak hoses, but only for a couple of hours and in tepid cleaning solution. I scrub the inside of hoses, after rinsing, with wadded and wet paper toweling, forced through the hoses with water pressure. This works because my faucet in the utility room is one-half inch ID tubing, that other tubing will fit into.
There are soft brushes available, but this has worked well for me.


Thanks folks!