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How much is to much chocolate?

Gearing up to brew the NB Chocolate milk stout and I want to add some bakers chocolate to the boil, I am thinking 1- 1.5 LB? My bud bought this kit and he wants really chocolaty stuff kinda like the Young’s double choc stout. I plan on still doing the nib’s part as well.
Any input helps.


Before I read your post, I was thinking that 2 oz is about as much as I’d use. 1.5 pounds. That’s going to be chocolatey. I guess the worst thing that would happen is that it’s too chocolatey. Unless someone here has some experience with this turning out badly, I say go for it. It’s about brewing what you like, and I’m curious how it turns out.

I’ve considered adding extra chocolate to my next choco-stout. Yes, please post your results. I’m very interested also in how it turns out.


That is a lot of chocolate. You might wanna add some more lactose to that too or it might be cacao bitter.

There is not supposed to be any fat in beer for a number of reasons. I would use powdered chocolate, fat free.

Many chocolatiers (sp?) now offer 100% cacao which are just pasted nibs. I wouldn’t use an enriched bakers chocolate, but our host has a vid where they do just that. I used Lindt 100% in the batch I brewed and just opened the tap for. My reaction is elsewhere.

To the OP…use a fine chocolate and go easy at first. the 4 oz I added to the boil with the nibs in secondary turned out fantastic.

i just used a pound of chocolate wheat in my RIS. currently the partygyle from said RIS is in the keg, and is very chocolaty. i’ve introduced it as a ‘chocolate porter’, and i enjoy it very much. but keep in mind, it is a partygyle

i havnt tasted the RIS yet. i’m giving it some time to age

The amount of chocolate that comes with the recipe is quite enough to make the recipe heavy on the chocolate. I have even added ice cream to mellow it out and create a unique drink. If you are gonna add more chocolate, do not add it to the boil as it will cause it to taste more bitter. Adding it to the primary may be an interesting idea.

I have a question: Is there REALLY such a thing as too much Chocolate? :o


I use 8oz of unsweetened cocoa powder in my Double Choc. Stout added at the end of the boil. And its definitely noticeable.

This makes me mad.
I thought of doing this when I made a Caribou Slobber Clone. My initial idea was to use cocoa powder, but in my early days of brewing, I was afraid to think out of the box.

I used the chocolate flavor extracts sold at my LHBS, and even added some cherry to a smaller 1 gallon batch for some variety.

It was tasty, but you could tell there was a bit of an ‘artificial’ taste to everything.
Could have been better… and now I know I’ll give that a run on my next batch.


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