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How much grain do you mash for your partials?

Hey guys. I noticed a lot of partial mash recipes call for way less grain in the mash than I usually use. 4-6 lbs seems to be the average with 3-4 lbs of extract. I usually mash somewhere in the 8-12 lbs range for my partials and factor my malt extract into that depending on the desired gravity for the current brew. I have only brewed one recipe that I did not create and not only was it my worst beer to date, but it called for more of a steepable amount of grains rather than a full on mash which i felt made it a one dimensional beer. Any thoughts fellow brewers?

I tired to create extract and partial grain recipes but end up saying “screw it” and make it all grain because doing all the conversion and recipe making is a headache. The only reason I would ever decide to do anything but all grain is due to lack of equipment. With that being said here was my process when I made an extract version of a stout.

Made an all grain recipe and converted to extract. Kept all the specialty grains amounts the same but took out the base malts and used LME in their place. I didn’t use a direct conversion of base malt grains to extract, I just used my beer recipe program and kept adding LME till it fit the guidelines of a stout. I steeped specialty grains but if you wanted to make a mash I would mash the specialty grains with a pound or two of something neutral like 6-row.

Chances are you probably thought about it and tried different things but this worked well enough for me.

Yeah living in an apartment puts a little damper on AG. I do 3.5 gal boils of mashed wort and add dme at the end for maximum hop utilization due to the lower boil gravity.

I think you have it covered. You have a good idea what our efficiency is, how much grain you can mash, and how much you can boil.

From there tweak your gravity with DME or LME.

So you can take any recipe you find, from a HBS or someone’s web site, and make it fit your system by plugging the numbers into a recipe calculator.

Thats the same thing I do. The highest I’ve ever done is about 9 pounds of malt. I think I can get up to 10-12 in my 5 gallon brew kettle. The only problem is trying to lift it out.

Are you doing 3.5 gal boils and then topping off? Thats what I’ve been doing but have thought about just doing a 3 gallon batch with no DME, just all grain.

Yea. 3.5 gals usually boils down to 3 and then i top it up to 5 gals. My last brew was big (1.090) and i only used 5 lbs dme so i could definitely see doing 3 gal AG batches if the dme was left out and you didnt top up. Hell my last brew woulda probably still been big without the dme and extra h20

Oh and i do partial mashes using a 5 gal igloo mash tun. My way of being able to mash lot of grain is to do a little over a quart of water per lb of grain which allows me quite a bit of grain considering 3.5-4 gallons is my largest doable boil size in my apt. After a one hour mash i sparge with 1.5 quarts per lb of grain until i reach my largest possible boil size and i almost always exceed 75% brewhouse efficiency.

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