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How Much Grain Do I Need?

I am designing my FIRST beer recipe and I don’t know how much grain I need for my recipe. I am creating an IPA recipe and I found plenty of information on what grains and what percentages of each grain I should be using, but all the IPA recipes I have looked at have different total amounts when it comes to the amount of grains. How much grain should I use for a 5-gallon batch of beer?

That depends on your mash efficiency. Have you been keeping track? Even when you copy a recipe you will need to adjust for your system. I use an online recipe builder and I’ll put in the recipe and go to tools and scale by efficiency and it adjusts then I tweak a bit more. If you’re starting from scratch you need to determine the abv you want to get

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Lower ABV, less grain. Higher ABV, more grain. It can vary widely. And as Brewcat said, it also depends upon you efficiency.


I got two words for you: BeerSmith.

Or is that just one?

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