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How much grain can bucket hold?

Can I store 55lbs of unmilled grain in a 7 gallon Ale Bucket? Will it fit with lid attached?
thanks for your help

Around 20-25lbs for a 5 gallon bucket.

It depends on the type of grain. Rye malt, yes. Most barley malts, probably not. A 6.5 gallon bucket holds around 30-35 lbs when filled to the brim.

55lbs of a basic 2Row or Pils will fit in 3 homer buckets with about 2-3inches of space at the top. Wheat is a little smaller and will fill 2 homer’s completely with a little extra. I believe homer buckets are 5gallons.

For Pale/Munich/Maris Otter I get 25 lbs into a 5 gallon bucket, a 50 lbs sack fits perfect in two buckets but with a 55 lbs sack I always have a few lbs I can’t fit.

Once you use a bucket for grain storage I would never use it for brewing after. Grain is covered with bacteria.

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