How much for ball lock kegs?

I just can’t believe that they are asking $99 for them I remember buying them for $4.50 ea. and selling them for $10.00 to $15.00 ea. wish I had 800 or 900 of them back.

I scored one off of Craigslist for $25 a month ago. It’s not pretty, but it holds pressure. I couldn’t believe my luck. Even shady craigslist deals tend to be fifty or sixty dollars now.

I know… I saw the writing on the wall and scored 10 of them about 5-6 years ago for $30 per!

28 years ago, I got my first ones (along with a 10 gallon one) from the local soda distributor place that fills my co2 tank. I asked if I could buy one, and they basically said “…are you kidding? Nobody uses them anymore and they’re just taking up space here…”. They loaded them into my van and were so glad to be rid of them that they wouldn’t even take any money for them.
I’m still using five of the ones I got back then.

Got most of mine a long time ago when a patron at our marina supplied the soda for the yearly picnic and never picked up the empty ball locks. Got a bunch for free. Bought one 10 gallon and a couple more 5s. I also wish I got a bunch back then and hung onto them.

Up until 6 years ago I had 100 5 gallon kegs 16 2.5 and 3.0 gallon and 2 10 gallon kegs. Then I sold my house and had to get rid of most of them.

Most of mine cost around $6 ea for the 5 gallon ones free on the 2 10 gallon and also free for some of the smaller ones the rest I never paid more than $20 for.

“I remember when a dime bag cost a dime” - Willie Nelson

Got my first one with a complete kegging setup including CO2 cylinder and paid $99. I felt like I got ripped off…