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How much dry should I pitch?

Making a Big Blonde, 1075ish, and using Safale us-05 for first time in years. Was wondering if I need to use more than one package for this “bigger” beer.

Been using liquid yeasts for years now, and know I would make a starter for an OG near this and just don’t know the protocol for dry yeast. Thanks to all for all!

I would pitch one pack if rehydrating and two if pitching dry. And don’t make a starter.

cheers shade, thanks for quick response. What all I need to do to rehydrate? Just like baking yeast? Aren’t you a huge advocate of dry yeast?

Sprinkle the yeast on ~100mL of boiled water cooled to ~100F and let sit for 15-20 minutes, then stir to mix well and pitch. And yes, I really like dry yeast and use US-05 all the time - it’s attenuative, ferments clean in the low- to mid-60s, drops clear, and in hoppy or big beers I don’t think anyone would be able to pick it out versus a beer made with a similar liquid yeast. Throw in getting to skip the starter and saving a couple bucks over liquid and it’s hard to beat.

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