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How much can a muslin bag hold?

My next brew I will be steeping 3lbs of crushed grain. Would you suggest putting this in 2 bags or will one bag be strong enough to hold all 3 lbs for steeping?

If it fits, do it. But don’t cram it in there like a black powder musket. Use a large spoon/ladle to aid in lifting it out of the pot.

+1 to what Nighthawk said.
You probably won’t be able to put the knot around the pot handle though; I’m betting the whole bag will have to go in to get the grains a good steep. Use tongs to grab under the knot and gently move the bag to a strainer.

I think I’d go with the two sacks. Maybe even three just to make sure I’d get a good steep. Also, the more you “stuff” into a muslin sack the more you’re going to open up the weave thus allowing more grain sediment to come out of the bag.

A master brewer told me to use the 5 gallon nylon paint strainer bags. Also got the same advice from one of the Homebrew supply folks when I called them.

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