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How much beer's in here?

Hi everyone. I forgot to make gallon marks on the side of my 5 gallon Carboy. Does anyone know what I roughly have in here? Need to know for measuring corn sugar. Thanks!

If that’s a 5 gallon carboy I’d say about 3 5/8 gallons. Is there a prize for the correct guess?

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Haha. I could send you a 750 mL of what’s inside! Your estimate is very specific - thank you

You’re going to rack to a bottling bucket before you bottle anyway right? You can get your volume confirmed if it’s marked. Then just gently stir in your sugar solution.

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^^^^This is what I do every time

if it’s a 6 gallon carboy then you’ve got about 5 gallons

I think 3and3/4 gal no offense @dannyboy58.:grinning:

Mark your bottling bucket as @dannyboy58 says. You’ll know the exact volume.

@brewman I’ll bet you a bomber of O’fest shipped to your door. What’s your wager?

Ohhh I like this. Nothing wrong with a lil’ competitive wager!

Good idea. I’ve always racked the beer on top of the sugar solution to prevent oxidation from stirring but I’ll do it gently. Do you let the sugar solution cool down for 10 minutes or so before mixing it with the beer?

Here’s another issue I want to ask about:

This beer is a Scottish Wee Heavy that I’ve had aging for over 3 months. About a month after primary fermentation ended I added an oak spiral that I soaked in Scotch for a week. It’s my baby lol. I’m really excited about it.

I bought some bottle conditioning yeast for this beer but the directions say to rehydrate it. Don’t really want to do that. I thought about just pitching the measured amount dry but apparently that makes some of the yeast DOA. Is it even necessary to use the bottling yeast when I’m not planning to crack one open until December?

Ok how about a growler of RIS. but won’t be ready until Christmas, in keg right now. @dannyboy58

Good question. You’ve aged for 3 months, so quite a bit of potential, has settled out, and yer going to rack, very quietly to yer bottling bucket. I would then figure out how much brew you have make yer syrup for that volume, cool and add half the packet of dry conditioning yeast, when cool and add to yer bucket. You are counting on some yeast in the brew, so by adding some more and allowing it to sit til X-mas, you will have a very nice present fer you and yours! Sneezles61

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