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How much beer to brew for a party

Wound up with just under 5G of my latest APA for a party for one of my best friends, a vet who got home from AFG after being there for a year.

The party was at my brother’s house in Maryland. Drove there Friday night with the keg. Granted, I had pulled about 2.5 pints the night before, along with about a pint’s worth of samples, and a 64 oz growler that I am saving for this weekend. So about 7 pints, or 3/4 gallon were gone before we started.

I think I also lost at least a few pints to ‘sludgy’ beer (ie I’d let it settle in the cold, the first pint or so was yeasty/sediment-y). My friend and I probably had 2-3 pints/12oz’s each on Friday night, plus his kids each had one.

The next day (day of the party), my brother had a pint for breakfast, then another while we were setting up. Poured a pint for two of my brothers, my friend and myself to kick the day off (though my one brother had already had 1-2). Set the keg up outside, each had another pint or a few, and we were getting ready for people to come over (expected about 30 people).

After what seemed like about a half hour later, before anyone arrived, the keg blew. GONE! Now we had to drink Coors Light for the rest of the day, as that’s what my brother bought for all the college kids that would be there.

On one hand, the people that I wanted to get the good beer got it, with a few exceptions. The reality is, I knew we were going to be drinking all day, I should have rolled in there with at least 2 kegs, especially if I wanted everyone to have some. But man, I figured 2 CASES worth of beer would be plenty. I guess people drink quicker if its draft. Also, I will be cold crashing and gelling for at least 2 days on every beer now, especially the good ones, as I lost way too much to sediment.

Well it didn’t help that you drank half the keg before the party started. :lol:

For small gatherings (15 to 20 people), I like to have a minimum of 3 gallons. That ends to about 2 beers of homebrew per person.

There is always some wine drinkers in the crowd, so the beer drinkers end up with 3 or 4 per person. I like a slightly stronger brew, so this seems to be a good starting place.

YMMV depending on your crowd and brew choice, but more is always better!

You lost too much to “quality control” sampling! :cheers:

Also, two cases is based on a 12oz bottle.

A typical class of beer is 16oz - more if you have a larger glass.

So yea - I could see how it would blow a lot sooner than expected.

It goes real quick if it’s a bunch of people into homebrew, too. We had 4 kegs at a wedding with about 20-30 people drinking, and they were gone within 3 hours. They didn’t have any BMC as back up, so the party was over, and on to the after party!

a friend on mine started keging two years ago and we have observed that we do drink the beers faster poring off tap then my bottles. Cheers

Sounds like a pretty resounding endorsement of your beer!

Next time bring three kegs and a locked drop-box for car keys!

Not to mention the general enjoyment of keg beer compounded with the mystique of homemade craft beer. It’s like parring shrimp for a catering event. Considered a luxury by many, always double or triple what any other food item would normally be parred for.

[quote=“Old_Dawg”]Sounds like a pretty resounding endorsement of your beer!

Next time bring three kegs and a locked drop-box for car keys![/quote]

My good friend/the guest of honor does tend to speak in superlatives, but he said it was the best beer he’d ever had. Factor in the mystique of keg/homebrew in general discussed above, plus the factor of maybe getting a few contraband Natty Lights if you’re lucky in the AFG, and a hoppy crisp APA with a decent malt backbone probably does taste like a glass of heaven.

It was a damn fine beer though if I do say so my damn self :mrgreen:

Years ago when a bunch of friends used to meet for summer weekends at the beach, I would bring 2 kegs for each day of drinking. When there is no driving involved, it goes pretty quick.

[quote=“Brewbeer22”] When there is no driving involved, it goes pretty quick.[/quote]This is the way to do it! Stay out from behind the wheel when alcohol is involved.

Back to the topic. You need one keg for samples and another for the party. Another idea is drink the fizzy yellow light crap first. Think how good your homebrew will taste after that.

Cmon. That’s like busting out the 2003 Barolo after you and your guests have glugged back a few 1.5L’s of Yellow Tail. Worse actually.

I do like your idea of one for sampling, one for glugging back! Part of my issue was that I set out to make a quaffable drinkable beer!

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