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How Many Taps do you have?

So… How many taps do you have, and how many do you want?

I have 3 and just bought the stuff to add one more. My fridge will only hold 4 kegs so thats the best I can do right now. I feel like 6 has a nice ring to it :cheers:

So where does your set up stand?

Three is all mine can take… Mine is built into a bar, and now I wish I would had one that held several more. But I can deal with 3. I drink it faster so I can keep adding different beers to my limited taps… at least thats what I tell the wife! :smiley:

My keezer holds 4…4 it is.


two…until i can move up to ten gallon batches, i’m not able to keep both taps going all time.

cut my work in half and i could keep up with three taps, the wife, myself, scrabble night and the occasional wayward thirsty friend.

varies from 1-4 depending what I have ready and how much I am brewing

I have 5 Ventmatics on the kegerator (which holds 6 kegs) and my keezer holds 6 kegs with picnic taps. I found two Ventmatics today on eBay but they were snatched up seconds before the bidding was complete. I offered $40 each but they went for $41/$42. Dayam

Guess i should have put 2 brand new ones that I’ve had in a drawer on eBay sold them to a friend a few weeks ago for $20 ea the 2 I have now are the gold accented ones with the spout and the top in gold.

I had at one time 12 on tap 3 Sanyo twin tower fridges and a chest freezer with 6 taps plus a freezer with 4-6 on picnic taps now I have only 2 in one twin tower Sanyo and that’s enough.

None. Yet. About 31 sounds like the right number of taps. A different one for each day on the month :lol:

3 on one kegerator & 4 on the other.

Good Luck

One fridge holds four kegs, only three taps though. The other fridge holds a 1/4 bbl and around 4 cases of bottles. I probably don’t need more, since I have no friends. :frowning:

I started with 3… Moved to 4, then 5, and topped out with 6. I’d love to add one more, but if I can’t have enough variety with 6, what are my chances that 7 will do it? 8)

Course, it might be worth a try!


[quote=“larsenj”]I started with 3… Moved to 4, then 5, and topped out with 6. I’d love to add one more, but if I can’t have enough variety with 6, what are my chances that 7 will do it? 8)

Course, it might be worth a try!

:cheers: [/quote]

…but to keep 7 full, that would be difficult. :shock:

3 on the main kegerator.

I have two, with four kegs so I always try to have a keg ready when a keg kicks. I think the correct answer to the question is one more than you have. Do I win the prize? Another perl faucet would be nice.

Only if the question was “How Many Taps do you want?”. :wink:

Just 2 taps for me. I don’t really drink that much, maybe 1-3 pints a day and brew 3-4 gallon batches, so I don’t really need more taps. It’d be nice, I guess, but as it is a keg last me 3-4 weeks typically. I usually don’t have a backup keg, it’d be nice to have one ready to go when a keg kicks, but can’t have it all I guess.

I have 4 currently.

2 each on twin towers on a True commercial TDD-2. We used to have six, but found for our current serving needs it wasn’t being used and I sold off the extra tower tops that help the single taps over the other two.

It really depends on what you realistically need and can maintain. If I need more taps I’ll use picnic taps, but that’s rare these days.

I’m not a big fan of having more taps so I can say I have them. If they are not being used regularly they are not hooked up. Nothing good about beer sitting in the lines for weeks with no use.

I have 3, I can keep a good rotation, keep wife + friends satisfied and I don’t get too tired of one beer. Would I like to have more??



I’ve got 14, but 4 of those are for my wife’s home-made sodas. :cheers:

Asthetically, the whole area needs some work. I have already cleaned up the wires from the TV, but I still haven’t built the facade around the freezer so it looks more “bar-like”. I’m hoping to get to that this summer.

I managed to fit 4 kegs and a 20-lb CO2 tank in my kegerator, so if I ran the gas outside I could cram a 5th keg in there. I’m not big on the idea of having the tank outside though - just looks junky. So 4 it is!

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