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How many of you pitch cold for lager an don't do a D-Rest?

Hello just wounding if any of you guy’s use jamil Narziss fermetaion for your lager’s where you pitch cold (44F) an let it warm up to 50 an hold ontel the end an not do a D-rest ???..

I do it both ways, usually I pitch cold and let the beer rise to 48-50f. But if I’m in a rush I will ferment until fermentation is 75% complete and start to warm the beer to 60f. This will speed things up a little and open up my ferm chamber sooner. both ways work and produces equally good beer.

I have done it in a similar fashion in the past.

Next time I will work it this way. ... geID=59851

To me, pitching cold and NOT doing a D-rest is asking for trouble. I haven’t done a back to back experiment, as the cost would be expensive, but pitching cold AND doing a D-rest is a VERY GOOD WAY to ensure you will have a clean beer with good attenuation and removal of some unwanted fermentation character.*

*assumes you are clean all the way through the process.

I pitch cold and do a d-rest. I have a minifridge with a temp controller that I used to ferment all my beers. So I let them ferment for 7-10days then slowly raise the temp about 2-3 degrees every day until it gets up to 65F and then leave it sit at that temp for 2 days or so. It’s way too easy to not do it. I just go to the controller and a 2 degrees every day. Something so simple, why not?

I pitch all beers, ale or lager, about 4°F below my target fermentation temperature, then warm it 5-10°F once fermentation is almost finished. For a lager, I’ll taste it to see if a diacetyl rest is needed. My experience has been that it usually isn’t, but that assumes good fermentation temperature control and proper aeration and pitching rates, which aren’t the norm for home brewers.

I always pitch cold and always do a d-rest… I don’t want to risk 25 gallons of beer by cutting corners.

That’s my basic procedure, although I don’t decide on a d rest until fermentation is complete and I taste the beer. 90% of the time a d rest isn’t needed.

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